Why moss on the roof is damaging your property?

The roof is one of the most exposed structures present in the house. It has to face direct sunlight, rains, snow, and dust. Over time, this can lead to degradation in the quality of the roof, which in turn can also affect the interiors of the house. This exposure to different kinds of weather conditions can lead to the growth of algae and moss. Moss is a plant that absorbs water through its leaves rather than its roots. Thus, for obvious reasons, it thrives very well in damp places. Moisture in the environment is the major reason for the growth of moss.

Growth of moss:

Spores, that are seeds of moss, become airborne and settle on the roofs. Once the spores find spaces to settle between shingles, they start growing and form thick moss. Areas of the roof that are in shaded regions, or don’t get enough sunlight are more likely to grow moss on them. Once the moss is grown, it keeps absorbing moisture to grow more and more with time.

Although a small amount of moss growth is harmless, as it increases with time, it has to be treated before it ruins the surface of the roof. As the moss thickness grows, it lifts the sheets of the shingles and the shingles become loose. This can lead to water seeping inside the house and leakage spreading through the walls. The framing of the roofs can also decay if moss stays for a long time as mold and bacteria grow with time.

Harmful effects of moss growth:

When moss growth increases the shingles curl and lift off. In this case, if strong winds blow, the shingle can blow of exposing the top of the house. An increased build-up of the moss can also lead to lateral movement of water on the roofs and the moisture contention can damage the roof deck and cause leakage. The shingles crack and eventually pull apart due to water retention by the moss and in turn, this leads to rotting of the roof. The green growth on the roof also makes the look of the house unappealing. Thus, moss can damage the structural integrity of the roof and degrade its quality over time. Several steps can be taken to prevent the growth of moss on the roof.

How can the growth of moss be prevented?

The tree branches that grow near or over the roof should be trimmed frequently. This has to be done because falling leaves and branches from trees act as nutrition providers for moss. The gutters should be cleaned regularly and properly to prevent the growth of moss. Contact specialists in Birmingham like Sky Roof Cleaning are good for the job. One should try to keep their roof surfaces dry so that moss doesn’t get a good environment to grow.

There are ways to remove moss physically also. A long-handled scrub brush can be used to scrape off the moss. The spray with good water pressure can be used to clean the roof and free it from moss. The work should be done down the roof from top to bottom to protect the surface of the shingles from getting damaged. Thus, these are some of the ways in which moss growth can be prevented.

How to clean your roof by yourself

When it comes to cleaning a house, it takes effort, time, patience and planning to complete the task. It is a tedious job, finding all the right spots and cleaning them. Maintaining roof of the house is a huge task and it can only be accomplished when both exteriors and interiors are taken care of equally.

Many people, while cleaning their house, forget that there is an important part that needs regular cleaning and maintenance too. The roof of the house is one of the major parts of the house that should be cleaned frequently. It is the most exposed part of the house as it faces sunlight, rain and other weather conditions directly. The condition of the roof affects the interior conditions of the house too.

How are rooftops affected by different weather conditions?

Most of the roof designs have a protective covering on top of the last wall construction that has been done to complete the house. These roof coverings are called shingles and they are made of multiple overlapping elements. They are majorly made in rectangular shapes and run in sequential design from the bottom to the top of a slanting roof.

Shingles can be made up of wood, slate, metal, plastic and many other materials. Keeping these shingles clean is an important task. Shingles basically act as roof tiles. As the shingles get direct exposure to heat, dust, and water, they can get moldy stains or can get covered in dust. Over time if roofs are not cleaned, discoloration of the surface can also happen.

The most affected part of the roofs can be the ones in facing the north, west and the shaded areas of the roof. Black streaks due to algae accumulation can be seen on many house roofs where regular cleaning does not take place. This, not only puts a dent in the appearance of the house but also, starts deterioration and degradation of the roof of the house. Roofs can easily be cleaned by the owner of the house themselves.

There are agencies that provide professional roof cleaners on a hiring basis, but they cost a lot. Thus, cleaning the roof on your own saves a lot of money and can be done if the slope of the roof is not too steep and doesn’t present any physical danger. Certain tools are required and certain steps have to be followed to successfully clean the roof.

Different ways to clean the roof on your own:

The tools required for efficient and effective roof cleaning are a full-body harness, a garden hose with a multi-purpose spray nozzle, lye or other non-toxic chemical solution for cleaning, a roof cleaner (preferably the best one in the market) which is non-corrosive in nature and a supplemental water pump.

The right day, which has a suitable weather forecast such as cool with no strong winds blowing, should be chosen for roof cleaning. This kind of weather would ensure complete seepage of the chemicals in the algae affected shingles and the spray not flowing away with the wind. Any loose shingles should be repaired before cleaning. Collecting the proper tools is necessary for getting good results.

The chemicals should be sprayed on until the shingles are completely soaked in them and you can see run-off. The spraying should be started at the bottom of the bottom and the person should work their way up to the top. After some time, a mixer of water and the roof cleaner in the 1:7 dilution ratio should be sprayed on the chemical with water jets placed at angles so that the algae can come right off. First water should be poured on the chemical applied roof, then the roof cleaner and after waiting for about 20 minutes, the roof can be rinsed with water. This is how a roof can be cleaned on your own.

Soft Cleaning Your Roof Best Practices

Cleaning your roof from time to time is extremely important. Your roof stays exposed to the outside weather all the time. Due to this, it attracts dust, debris, bacteria, and whatnot. If you let all these accumulate on your rooftop, it is going to damage your roof at some point. If you want to extend the life of your roof then cleaning it is very important.

The best way of cleaning your roof is to choose the soft washing system. Soft wash roof cleaning involves the spraying of cleaning solutions. This is considered to be better than pressure washing. In this article, we will look into the dos and don’ts of soft cleaning your roof.

Do This to your Roof

Here is what you should be doing while soft cleaning your roof.

  1. Cleaning your roof is not one of your best skills. This is not something you do every day. It may sound easy to you but in reality, cleaning your roof is a lot tougher. You need to climb up the ladder to reach your rooftop. In this case, it is a must that you take all the safety precautions. No matter how confident you are you shouldn’t take chances with your safety.
  2. Before starting the cleaning process, you must check your roof for any damage. This would become a lot easier if you can manage to get a helper. If you spot any damaged area then you should consult with a professional to stop any further damage.
  3. You should soft clean your roof regularly. This will help you to maintain your roof and also extend its lifetime. Cleaning your roof has many advantages like it will prevent your roof from getting damaged, save your money and keep your family healthy. For all these reasons you should follow a regular cleaning schedule.

Don’ts of Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

Here are the things you should avoid doing while soft cleaning your roof.

  1. As much as you want to clean your roof, you don’t want to damage it. Whether your roof is old or not, you shouldn’t opt for pressure washing. Due to the excessive pressure involved, it may cause damage to your roof. This is why soft cleaning is the best option for you.
  2. If you notice any risky spot on your roof, you should leave that area out. You don’t have to apply water or any solution in that particular area. Doing so may cause the damaged part to collapse. In this case, the wise thing to do is call for professional help to get it fixed immediately.
  3. You should avoid cleaning your roof in extreme temperatures. This will not only act as a hurdle in your cleaning process but it is also dangerous for you. The best time to clean your roof is on a bright sunny day which will help the liquid to evaporate quickly.

Now that you know the dos and dont’s of soft cleaning system, it should be easier for you to clean your roof all by yourself.

Keep these in mind before opting for roof cleaning

You must focus on cleaning the entirety of your house, right? Well, what happens quite often is that people tend to forget to clean through some of the basic parts of the house around. If that is something you do too, chances are that the roof is the most common part of the house that needs cleaning. The majority of us tend to forego this, but cleaning the roof of the house is just as important. To keep things in check, you must focus on some of the important factors before you opt for any of the profession roof cleaning services.

Let us take you through some of them, shall we?

Look through the roof cleaning companies reviews

With the booming trend of the online market, you can get an idea about everything online. What this does is help you get a better idea through with the kind of services they provide. If you are opting for professional cleaning services, you must look through the reviews online before you end up availing of their services. This does cut down more than half of your problems. If you are struggling to get things in place, this is your safest bet with everything. 

Talk to your friends and family

One of the most common and important things that you can do before availing the roof cleaning services from outside is to talk to your friends and family. If you have someone who got their roof cleaned recently, your best bet is to end up talking to them and getting references. You can even get a living proof of how well they get the job done so you know what to expect from them. These might not seem like much, but can cater to a lot of your queries that you might be having. 

Compare the prices

Before availing any of the roof cleaners professionally, the one thing that you can do is compare the prices. This might not seem as much, but if you have your things aligned, you should compare the price from various service providers. This will make your process a lot easier to handle. But, cheaper prices or even higher prices don’t technically mean that the services are good. You need to be thorough with your research before availing of the services all together. 

Cleaning Equipment

When you are hiring someone for cleaning your roof, it is given that you want a deep cleaning. What we mean by this is that you don’t want amateur stuff. To avoid that, you need to focus on getting a rough idea of the kind of equipment they use for cleaning. Once you know that they have professional equipment for deep cleaning, it does make your process of trusting them a lot better.

Roof cleaning is a necessity over anything else. Not only do you want your roof to look good, but you also want it to not be the breeding ground for diseases. Professional services ensure deep cleaning, which is a necessity if you are getting it done every once in a while.

Oakhill Roof Cleaning

Every person that would be responsible for maintaining a property knows that in the United Kingdom there is a problem with moos accumulation over time.

Why is it important?

Roof covered in moss is very sensitive to damage. When moss grows it tries to maneuver over time into your attic and destroy where it is warm or even eat your roof tiles over time. That will cause roof leaks and problems within your home budget because you will need a new roof over time.

The easy solution is to have your roof cleaned from those things. Prevent do not repair.

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