About our services

  • Our policy is one household per account. Allowing others who are not Oakhill customers to put trash out with yours is considered theft of service; you may either be billed accordingly and/or your service discontinued.
  • 8 – 10 bag limit per week. Anything over the limit may be left. Trash must be bagged if using receptacles larger than 32 gallons. Containers other than normal trash receptacles and not clearly marked “RUBBISH” will not be picked up
  • HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE ONLY; we’re not permitted to pick-up items such as batteries, pesticides, yard waste, oil, tires, wet paint…please call the office if you’re in question or you may visit the landfill website at any Landfill Info.
  • One bulk item, such as larger furniture, carpet, appliances, etc. is allowed every six months. Carpet must be cut and rolled into 3’ sections and secured with rope or tape. Call the office prior to setting a bulk item out for pickup. If you require pickup of extra items a small fee may apply. Items put out without making arrangements may be left.
  • If your trash isn’t out it’ll be picked up on your next scheduled day or you may pay extra for the truck to come back. It is notated when the rubbish isn’t out at an address. Although trash pickup is normally the same time each week, there could be conditions and/or situations that may delay usual pickup times; therefore the truck may arrive earlier or later than expected. If your trash isn’t out it will be picked up on your next scheduled day or you may pay extra for the truck to come back.
  • There will be NO service on the bank holidays. Please refer to the holiday schedule as to which holidays may affect your regular trash day. If you miss your trash day after a holiday it will be picked up the following week.