How COVID-19 Staying At Home Increased The Demand For Skip Hire Services In The UK?

The United Kingdom reported its first case of Coronavirus on 31st January 2020. Ever since the novel Covid-19 has started affected more than 100 thousand people causing death across the United Kingdom up to 2021. This life-threatening disease has an adverse impact on the countrymen and has caused havoc all across. 

The situation has caused human kinds in several ways, such as 

– Life-threatening disease. 

– A Drop in the economic condition of the country. 

– Hindered workflow in various industries. 

– Lockdown in several areas. 

– Layoffs and freeze in new hires. 

– Crisis for goods and commodities. 

Amidst this situation caused by Coronavirus, various industries have suffered significantly. While a few industries have experienced a sinking demand for their goods and commodities, there are a few industries that have seen a significant rise in demand. 

Birmingham Skip hire is one such industry that is experiencing huge demand in the city but also in the United Kingdom. They have been experiencing massive demand from customers as people are locked down at their homes. 

What Are Skip Hire Services? 

Skips are large opened waste bins that are used by people to dispose of their household wastes. When contacting a Skip hire company, one needs to keep their requirement in mind and hire a container for disposal which can meet their demand. They just need to provide their residential address, and the company should provide them with the hire bin for waste disposal. 

These are hugely popular in the United Kingdom, and people often use them to get rid of the waste. As per Google’s trend, there has been a significant rise in search for skip hire Birmingham companies between April and May 2020. New firms got and gained a lot of exposure in Birmingham like Impala Skip Hire. 

Here, look at the Google trends picture that illustrates the same rise in search term statistics. 

How Is Demand For Skip Hire Increasing? 

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak in the UK, the country is walloped and is suffering in many ways. Most people are confined to their homes and have no work leading to a sinking economy. However, the demand for Skip hire has been increasing because of various reasons. 

  • Usual demand is high during this season

The demand to hire Skips and waste disposal techniques have always seen high demand during the season of April and May. And with more people staying indoors, the demand is on the rise as ever. 

  • Lockdown increased DIY practice 

Since people are stuck at their houses amidst the coronavirus outbreak, they are indulging in various DIY (Do it yourself) activities. It may be a long-forgotten task that one needs to do, or could be a renovation for their garden. One may wish to clean their garage or maybe want to complete those long-stalled tasks. 

In either case, they end up with loads of garbage or waste which needs to be disposed of. Hence, it has seen that people are hiring more skips and calling such waste disposal companies for their services as they need to get rid of the waste. 

  • Significant household chores 

As the coronavirus cases are spread all across the country, the people are bound to stay indoors. However, they indulge themselves in household activities such as cleansing of rooms, storerooms, and other small repair and renovation work. Naturally, they need to get rid of the disposed waste. 

  • Need for cleanliness 

While the pandemic has caused severe damage to human lives, one needs to keep themselves and their families clean. Understandably, people need to get rid of the wastes produced from their houses. 

These different scenarios give rise to the increasing demand for skip hire services. While many industries have been seeing a stagnant fall in need, the utility industry has to provide services continually to bridge the demand-supply gap.