How to clean your roof by yourself

When it comes to cleaning a house, it takes effort, time, patience and planning to complete the task. It is a tedious job, finding all the right spots and cleaning them. Maintaining roof of the house is a huge task and it can only be accomplished when both exteriors and interiors are taken care of equally.

Many people, while cleaning their house, forget that there is an important part that needs regular cleaning and maintenance too. The roof of the house is one of the major parts of the house that should be cleaned frequently. It is the most exposed part of the house as it faces sunlight, rain and other weather conditions directly. The condition of the roof affects the interior conditions of the house too.

How are rooftops affected by different weather conditions?

Most of the roof designs have a protective covering on top of the last wall construction that has been done to complete the house. These roof coverings are called shingles and they are made of multiple overlapping elements. They are majorly made in rectangular shapes and run in sequential design from the bottom to the top of a slanting roof.

Shingles can be made up of wood, slate, metal, plastic and many other materials. Keeping these shingles clean is an important task. Shingles basically act as roof tiles. As the shingles get direct exposure to heat, dust, and water, they can get moldy stains or can get covered in dust. Over time if roofs are not cleaned, discoloration of the surface can also happen.

The most affected part of the roofs can be the ones in facing the north, west and the shaded areas of the roof. Black streaks due to algae accumulation can be seen on many house roofs where regular cleaning does not take place. This, not only puts a dent in the appearance of the house but also, starts deterioration and degradation of the roof of the house. Roofs can easily be cleaned by the owner of the house themselves.

There are agencies that provide professional roof cleaners on a hiring basis, but they cost a lot. Thus, cleaning the roof on your own saves a lot of money and can be done if the slope of the roof is not too steep and doesn’t present any physical danger. Certain tools are required and certain steps have to be followed to successfully clean the roof.

Different ways to clean the roof on your own:

The tools required for efficient and effective roof cleaning are a full-body harness, a garden hose with a multi-purpose spray nozzle, lye or other non-toxic chemical solution for cleaning, a roof cleaner (preferably the best one in the market) which is non-corrosive in nature and a supplemental water pump.

The right day, which has a suitable weather forecast such as cool with no strong winds blowing, should be chosen for roof cleaning. This kind of weather would ensure complete seepage of the chemicals in the algae affected shingles and the spray not flowing away with the wind. Any loose shingles should be repaired before cleaning. Collecting the proper tools is necessary for getting good results.

The chemicals should be sprayed on until the shingles are completely soaked in them and you can see run-off. The spraying should be started at the bottom of the bottom and the person should work their way up to the top. After some time, a mixer of water and the roof cleaner in the 1:7 dilution ratio should be sprayed on the chemical with water jets placed at angles so that the algae can come right off. First water should be poured on the chemical applied roof, then the roof cleaner and after waiting for about 20 minutes, the roof can be rinsed with water. This is how a roof can be cleaned on your own.

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