Why moss on the roof is damaging your property?

The roof is one of the most exposed structures present in the house. It has to face direct sunlight, rains, snow, and dust. Over time, this can lead to degradation in the quality of the roof, which in turn can also affect the interiors of the house. This exposure to different kinds of weather conditions can lead to the growth of algae and moss. Moss is a plant that absorbs water through its leaves rather than its roots. Thus, for obvious reasons, it thrives very well in damp places. Moisture in the environment is the major reason for the growth of moss.

Growth of moss:

Spores, that are seeds of moss, become airborne and settle on the roofs. Once the spores find spaces to settle between shingles, they start growing and form thick moss. Areas of the roof that are in shaded regions, or don’t get enough sunlight are more likely to grow moss on them. Once the moss is grown, it keeps absorbing moisture to grow more and more with time.

Although a small amount of moss growth is harmless, as it increases with time, it has to be treated before it ruins the surface of the roof. As the moss thickness grows, it lifts the sheets of the shingles and the shingles become loose. This can lead to water seeping inside the house and leakage spreading through the walls. The framing of the roofs can also decay if moss stays for a long time as mold and bacteria grow with time.

Harmful effects of moss growth:

When moss growth increases the shingles curl and lift off. In this case, if strong winds blow, the shingle can blow of exposing the top of the house. An increased build-up of the moss can also lead to lateral movement of water on the roofs and the moisture contention can damage the roof deck and cause leakage. The shingles crack and eventually pull apart due to water retention by the moss and in turn, this leads to rotting of the roof. The green growth on the roof also makes the look of the house unappealing. Thus, moss can damage the structural integrity of the roof and degrade its quality over time. Several steps can be taken to prevent the growth of moss on the roof.

How can the growth of moss be prevented?

The tree branches that grow near or over the roof should be trimmed frequently. This has to be done because falling leaves and branches from trees act as nutrition providers for moss. The gutters should be cleaned regularly and properly to prevent the growth of moss. Contact specialists in Birmingham like Sky Roof Cleaning are good for the job. One should try to keep their roof surfaces dry so that moss doesn’t get a good environment to grow.

There are ways to remove moss physically also. A long-handled scrub brush can be used to scrape off the moss. The spray with good water pressure can be used to clean the roof and free it from moss. The work should be done down the roof from top to bottom to protect the surface of the shingles from getting damaged. Thus, these are some of the ways in which moss growth can be prevented.

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